Real people playing
real instruments

Die Schwindler's music stretches from
Jazz to Bossa Nova, from Samba to Swing.
They promise a stylish, classic yet
dionysian evening – from the first Waltz
to the last Tango.
These three lovers of good taste met at
the Berlin College of Music.
Guitarist Niko is now living in Hamburg,
Saxophonist Tobias is resident in Frankfurt,
while Bass player Tobias has been left
behind in Berlin.

Die Schwindler
prefer to play unplugged

Keeping it simple without electronic
equipment, Die Schwindler can provide true,
refined sound and appropriate volume.
If desired, discreet amplification for guitar
and double-bass is available. All that is
vneeded is a single power point.


Nagel Heyer Records

“They say there is only good
music and bad music. However
one may look at it, the ten songs
we recorded for this album were
composed by some undisputed
luminaries: Antonio Carlos Jobim,
Michel Legrand, Burt Bacharach
and Baden Powell. We were moved
and inspired by the expressiveness
and energy radiating from these
tunes, transcending all discussions
of style, genre and history.”

Tobias Rüger